David Ortiz Executive Producer MTV

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Big Papi has signed a TV deal according to Hayden Bird, from Streewise Media.

Not only that, he will be doing a TV show with MTV.

We all know how good David Ortiz comes across in the media, so it was logical after he converted the Yankees fanbase in his Fan Cave series that he was on to bigger and better things.

The project will be for a 30-episode series, but what exactly it will look like is still not known. The two brands of MTV and MLB Networks will ensure that it covers baseball and pop-culture, so hold on to your hats Red Sox fans.

David Ortiz will be an executive producer and he will also work with Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen who will also feature as an executive producer.

Good Golly Miss Molly, what can we expect from this mega Boston icon who also just narrowly missed being elected as the write-in Mayor of Boston, without even campaigning?

The series title is yet to be announced, but it is slated to run starting in April 2014.

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