Jake Peavy - in or out?

Photo Courtesy of ESPN
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

It's certainly been a pretty successful stay in Boston for one Jake Peavy. He's got a World Series ring...and the duck boat he road on in the victory parade. But will he get a chance to repeat in Boston? Maybe not, according to MLB.com. Sources in the General Managers meetings are saying he may be used as trade bait. They currently have 6 starters on their roster and a number of prospects waiting in the wings, so Peavy may be viewed as expendable. If you doubt it, think about this - if Clay Bucholz had been healthy, they would not have felt the need to trade for Jake Peavy in the first place.

Right now, 3 starters can be free agents after next season: Jon Lester, Ryan Dempster, and Jake Peavy, according to MLB.com. If the Red Sox look to trade any starters, Dempster and Peavy are more likely to be traded, and John Lackey could also be in the mix. Extending Lester's contract will be costly, but I highly doubt they'll let him walk, so he's out of the question.

It is unlikely the Sox will deal Lackey after his success this season, so that leaves Peavy and Dempster. Possible landing spots include Anaheim, Texas, and Kansas City in the A.L., who all need a starter. In the N.L., Peavy could help a number of teams including, but not limited to, Washington, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh. They could use Peavy to get a replacement if they can't resign one or more of their potential free agents.

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