Josh Beckett picture removed from MBTA and replaced with Jon Lester

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Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

Finally, the last remnants of the fried chicken and beer scandal are gone. Hours before the start of the World Series started, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officials removed an old photo of ex-Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett from the Kenmore stop on the Green Line and replaced it with Jon Lester, according to Josh Beckett was part of the fried chicken and beer shenanigans at the end of 2011, then was at the center of another controversy after he played golf right before one of his start, which he missed with an arm injury. Josh Beckett was a key part of the 2007 season, but he was non-existant after that.

Jon Lester was also wrapped up in the fried chicken and beer stuff, but he apologized and has more than won the forgiveness of Red Sox Nation with his performances this year, especially in the postseason. Beckett? He's just fun to laugh at now as a castoff from the deal that sent most of the problem from 2011/12 to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Most fans thought Beckett especially was a huge part of the problem with his unapologetic attitude and were glad to see him leave. Bye bye, Josh Beckett. You're nothing but a distant memory now. Enjoy Hollywood, buddy. And to the fine people at the MBTA who made the swap, I salute you. Jon Lester is our ace now and Josh Beckett is just a castoff.