Schilling believes Sox won't extend Lester's contract

Photo from Full Count
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

Yep, Curt Schilling went on Dennis & Callahan to say, among other things, that the Red Sox will not give Jon Lester a 6+ year contract when he hits free agency next off season. Why? Well, Curt Shilling said that most teams don't give large contracts to home grown guys, with the exception of Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers.

Here's what Schilling had to say, per Full Count:

“I can’t imagine they would [sign Lester to a six- or seven-year, $100 million-plus deal]. I don’t think you’ll see any team other than probably the Dodgers with [Clayton] Kershaw turn around and give their homegrown player six or seven or eight years, I don’t see it, not from this team anyway. You saw what happened when they tried to go down that path, and I think that is going to be fresh in their minds as long as these guys are still making decisions here.”

Look, I will always have a special place in my heart for Schilling after 04 and 07, but Lester is someone I would like to see the Red Sox organization keep around long term. I understand full well his hesitation - the Sox tried big money contracts, and they failed, but Lester is one of those guys that won't be affected by big money, I don't think. If Lester has another season like 2013, then Lester will probably command a $100+ million contract. It's only a matter of do the Red Sox want to give Lester that type of money over 6-8 years.

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