Sox fan called WEEI the day after World Series complain about John Farrell

Sam Galanis
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It’s no secret that Red Sox fans are miserable people. They endured 86 long years of legitimately believing they’d never see the Red Sox win a World Series in their lifetime. Year after year they’d watch their team either fail miserably or come this close only to fall apart when it mattered most.

But needless to say, those days are long over. In the past ten years, the Fenway Faithful have had very little to complain about. They’ve been arguably the most dominant team in baseball.

But at least one fan is still complaining.

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On Thursday, the day after the Red Sox won the World Series after finishing dead last in the AL East in 2012, a man named Billy from Lynn, Mass. wasn’t happy. He was so unhappy that he called WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan to complain. The topic in question? John Farrell’s managerial decisions.

If your reaction to that statement is “Umm, excuse me?” then I’m right there with you. Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky published the conversation on Thursday saying, “Billy from Lynn is why we can't have nice things.”

And he’s exactly right. Billy was essentially unhappy that Farrell, the frontrunner for AL Manager of the Year, did things like give Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Stephen Drew too much playing time and let Brandon Workman hit in Game 3. Billy from Lynn even complained that he left John Lackey in for too long in Game 6. The game that, oh, you know, clinched the World Series with a 6-1 score.

So to Billy from Lynn, all I have to say is quit your complaining. If you’re anything like most Sox fans, you grew up being told not to get your hopes up for a World Series. And now you’ve seen three. As far as I’m concerned, Terry Francona and John Farrell are gods among men for making that happen for the fans.

Luckily, Dennis & Callahan didn't give in to Billy. They laughed through most of his complaints and said "Yeah, fire him!" Not to mention, the comments on the Deadspin post restore my faith that Billy from Lynn is a very small minority among Sox fans. My favorite comment being this one from user Billy Clyde Puckett:
"I know, right? I said this IN MARCH." —- Dan Shaughnessy

Here's the D&C interview:

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