3 Reasons Jackie Bradley Jr. is the right choice in CF

Photo from CBS Boston
The future is now, apparently. Unless the Red Sox surprise us and make a move for a center fielder, Jackie Bradley Jr. will be the center fielder for the Red Sox next year. That is going to be a good thing, though. Here are my 3 reasons that this is a better move than bringing in someone else.

1. The sky's the limit with this kid. JBJ's potential is limitless. He could be better than Ellsbury from a power stand point, and he could also be just as good defensively. Will he be a better lead-off guy? I think he could develop into a great lead-off guy, given time, but from what I've seen speed isn't the strongest part of his game. He could always develop that aspect of his game - like I said, the sky is the limit when it comes to JBJ.

2. It keeps Shane Victorino in right. If they go out and get someone, there's every chance they could put the new signing in right and move Shane over, but with JBJ in center, Shane can do what he did so well in 2013. Not many players in the game now could play that right field like Shane Victorino did in 2013.

3. He'll learn quickly and grow faster. Signing someone for 2 or 3+ years could be good, as whoever the Sox bring in could show him the ropes, but I've always found the best way to learn is to just go out and play. Practice is important, but if the opportunities to use what you've learned in a real game are few and far between, then it doesn't really feel like you're learning at all. At least, that's the way I've always felt when it comes to sports. And if we put him in, he'll make mistakes, but he'll learn from them and get better, but that can only happen if he's playing on a consistent basis.

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