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Eric D. Schabell
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Not only is this Craig Breslow a World Series winning pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

Not only is he a Yale University graduate, where he majored in molecular biophysics and biochemistry.

He is a genius at wedding planning too.

Back in July 2012 he started planning his wedding with is now-wife, Kelly Breslow, they decided to work around a possible postseason run. You see, he was traded to the Red Sox from the Diamondbacks and he was pretty confident that this team had the potential to ruin an earlier wedding date.

They set it for the first week in November 2013, just in case.

Tim Healey at MLB got a chance to catch up with Craig Breslow at the Christmas at Fenway ticket sales kickoff event yesterday and get his thoughts on the subject. "When we set the date back in 2012, people thought I was out of my mind factoring in postseason plans," Breslow said. "But, as the season unfolded, it looked like I was wiser and wiser. And ultimately, obviously, it's a pretty good thing that we did [wait]."

Well done and congratulations to the newlyweds.

If this baseball thing does not work out for Craig Breslow, if the biophysics jobs dry up sometime soon, then he appears to have a bright future as a wedding planner.

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