RSL Poll: Ellsbury or Damon: Which hurt more?

The Guru
Contributing Writer

With Jacoby Ellsbury bolting the Red Sox for the hated Yanks, it all feels eerily similar to Red Sox Nation. Didn't we live through this a few years ago when another Boston center fielder traded in his sox for pinstripes?

Just 35 days after winning a World Series title, Ellsbury signed a 7-year, $153 million deal with the New York Yankees Tuesday evening. The move sent shock waves through the baseball world and caused many a lady to toss her pink hat off the Tobin Bridge.

It's alright ladies, the Nation has dealt with this sort of traitor before. Back in 2006, Red Sox resident idiot with the same good looks, Johnny Damon, bolted Boston for the Bronx and a pile of cash.

The Sox won the World Series a year later.

While the Damon betrayal felt like a kick below the waist, this one seems about as harmless as a wet willie. 7-years and $153 million for a 30-year-old leadoff hitter who has missed 264 games in the last four years seems a little steep.

Thanks for memories, Jacoby and enjoy your new friend Alex Rodriguez. Sox Nation will let you know how we really feel April 22 when the Yanks come to Fenway.

What say you, Red Sox Lifer's?

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