Drew Saga Continues

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Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Get yourself comfortable.

Grab a coffee or tea before you settle in as the Stephen Drew saga continues.

First he was of interest to some of the East Coast teams, specifically the New York Yankees and the New York Mets.

Peter Gammons from MLB Network reported Stephen Drew was waiting for Yankee interest above all else.

Maybe he saw a life in pinstripes as the eventual replacement for Derek Jeter?

When that fell through in the New Year, he was left hoping for another Scott Boras (his agent) miracle to secure him a multi-year deal.

On to the cross town rivals of the Yankees, the New York Mets. Rumors surfaced early that the Mets had interest as they were not very happy with the motivation and work ethic in 2013 of Ruben Tejada at shortstop.

Early on Scott Boras was trying to interest the Mets but the price was too high.

Then we reported that the Mets were backing off and going to stick with Ruben Tejada at shortstop, raining on Stephen Drew's parade.

Then we have news that the Mets are still talking to Scott Boras about Stephen Drew.

The biggest stumbling block is not the compensation draft pick the Mets would have to give up to the Boston Red Sox, as the Mets have their first-round pick protected. They already forfeited their second-round draft choice for signing Curtis Granderson, so signing Stephen Drew would cost them only a third-round selection.

This is apparently something they are not totally averse to considering.

They are averse to giving him a multi-year deal, that has not changed. There seems to be the feeling that if Stephen Drew does not get the larger deal he would want to remain in Boston, causing fears within the Mets organization that they are being used by Scott Boras to drive up the terms in Boston.

Cat and mouse in the off season.

So what is it gonna be?

Will Stephen Drew sign a multi-year deal outside of Boston with some surprise team?

Is the parade going to happen for him in New York?

Destiny will maybe bring him back to Boston for a single year deal?

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