Emotional Jerry Remy says he'll return to booth

Photo from NESN
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

Jerry Remy said he will return to the broadcast booth in an emotional interview with 5 news outlets, according to the Boston Herald. Jerry Remy's son was arrested for the murder of Jennifer Martel on August 15, and Jerry stepped out of the booth to deal with the unfortunate situation. Aside from announcing his return, Jerry expressed his sorrow for the loss suffered by the Martel family back in August.

“Last August 15th, we lost a beautiful woman,” he said. “She was energetic. She was a wonderful mother. She was a person who was trying to make better for herself through going to school, wanted to become a teacher. It’s been an incredible loss, obviously, to the Martel family to lose their daughter Jen.

“Jen was also very close with us, very close with my family, with my daughter, with my son. We can’t even imagine or feel the pain that the Martels are going through and have been going through daily since this tragedy. We’ve also gone through a lot of pain. I don’t want in any way to take away from what they’ve had to deal with, what they’ve had to go through. But it was by far the worst day of my life, and obviously the worst day of the Martels’ life. They don’t have the benefit now of speaking to her, talking to her. They’ll never see her again. Her daughter will never see her again.”

According to the Herald, Remy said it has not gotten easier to deal with, but his family urged him to reconsider not going back to baseball.

“People have told me in time that things get better,” he said. “Time has not gotten things better. I still feel the same way today as I felt on the night of August 15th. ... It became worse and worse. The initial shock, the initial grief all got worse. There was no possible way that I felt I could come back last year to do Red Sox baseball.”

“I had two main concerns — obviously, what the public would think, and whether I could be myself,” he said. “My answers at that time were no. ... I couldn’t find a reason to come back. I just couldn’t find it.”
But then he considered his playing career, and his rise from eighth-round pick to All-Star. He reflected on his broadcast career, from overmatched neophyte who wanted to quit after one season to regional icon entering his 27th season. He thought of beating cancer in 2009 and depression in 2012.

“Some of these things started to resonate a little bit with me,” Remy said. “I’ve never been a quitter, and I don’t intend to be one now. I’ve been in professional baseball in some capacity for 40 years. It’s what I do. It’s what I know. It’s where my comfort level is. It’s where I feel I belong and where I feel that I’m going to continue to do so for as long as possible.”

I for one feel better knowing Jerry will back with Don in the booth. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below or tweet me (@ConorJF1016).