Gomes: Sox like "a frigging frat house"

Photo from NESN
Whatever you believe about the role of chemistry in team sports, it's hard to deny that the Red Sox have it in boatloads. And Jonny Gomes embodies that - he was one of the leaders of the beard movement, and now he's gone to another level, saying the Red Sox clubhouse is like "a frat house," according to NESN.

“Most guys, season ends, they go their separate ways,” Gomes told the Boston Herald. “I’ve worked out with guys from other teams, and I’ll be like, ‘Hey, how’s so and so?’ They’ll go, ‘I don’t know,’ and you’re like, ‘You don’t know? That’s the guy that hits behind you.’ But this, it’s [expletive] every day, all day. I don’t think there’s one person’s wife that isn’t sick of it. It’s like a friggin’ frat house.”

Gomes was one of the guys the Red Sox brought in to change the clubhouse chemistry before the 2013 season. Needless to say it worked. Not only was Gomes one of the leaders of the beard movement, he also came up with some key in the Red Sox run to the World Series, including a 3-run home run in Game 4 against St. Louis.