Red Sox Shopping Korean Talent

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

The name is Suk-Min Yoon.

Ever heard of this young man?

Well the Red Sox have been names as a team with interest.

The question is how much interest the Red Sox actually have as the primary source of the ongoing interest for the Red Sox is that Scott Boras keeps mentioning the Red Sox having interest in his clients.

Peter Gammons posted last week.

I guess this amounts to free flowing speculation as to where Yoon might be headed. I really don't see the need or the rush to pull over a pitcher, right handed, who has a low 90's fastball and has mostly been a bullpen asset throughout his career.

Maybe the Red Sox can find a way to not spend too much and get him into the minor league system?

At 27 years old, Yoon could be one of the low risk, high reward projects for the Red Sox for the next few years?

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