A Little Overseas Fan in Everyone

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

It has been awhile since the Overseas Fan was able to report back to you on the latest around the Boston Red Sox from that unique perspective of being a foreign resident of the Red Sox Nation.

With the offseason about to end we have Spring Training slowly getting started down in sunny Fort Myers.

Not much news there yet.

Our travels have taken us to Asia where we reported on the Stephen Drew situation as the local fans saw it, but what could we bring to you now?

Funny you should ask.

The concept of being an Overseas Fan is not new to the Red Sox, but just recently we have had the chance to personally meet a very serious Overseas Fan right in our own backyard.

You never know where you will find an Overseas Fan, that's for sure.

He is a youngster that is new to the game, new to the Boston Red Sox, and is one of the most dedicated fans you will ever bump into. He has a Red Sox jersey. He has a Red Sox baseball cap. He even has a Red Sox key chain.

Yet he has never been to a single Red Sox game at Fenway.

His name is Micha, he is nine years old, and he has discovered that greatest of American sports called baseball through the Boston Red Sox.

He is a huge fan of Big Papi.

He is also very curious as to how the game works, what the players are doing on the field, and what all the statistical acronyms mean. This got us to thinking that we could pull together a series of helpful articles to lightly cover the basics of the various statistics that are often discussed here on RedSoxLife.com to help our budding Overseas Fan.

Watch for these coming soon and feel free to tweet a statistic you would like to have featured.

Little Overseas Fan in Everyone (foto by Andrew)
Now an Overseas Fan does not necessarily mean that you have to live overseas and worship our glorious world champions from afar. You can for example be someone from overseas that happens to live in the Red Sox Nation at this moment.

An alert reader, Andrew, sent in this shot of what is clearly an Overseas Fan that has made the pilgrimage to the Red Sox Nation.

Note the Dutch and American flags on the bumper that highlight the Red Sox licence plate.

There is a little Overseas Fan in everyone it seems.

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