Fenway Park Approaching Expiration Date

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Yesterday John Henry, principle owner of the Boston Red Sox spent some time with the press corps talking about all manner of topics.

He mentioned the contract extension of David Ortiz.

He laminated on replacing Bud Selig as the Commissioner of Baseball.

He was happy to hear that Jon Lester wanted to remain with the Red Sox.

But the most shocking thing he mentioned was related to our beloved Fenway Park, the oldest and most iconic baseball temple we see rising out of the Boston skyline as we approach the park on foot each game day. There is no place on earth like it and nothing beats that first game you attend live, be it an afternoon game in the sun or an evening game where the sun sets and night settles in.

I dream of the day I get to take my little boy to a game at Fenway Park.


There have been many improvements made since John Henry purchased the Red Sox in 2002. Fenway is structurally sound at the moment and the only improvements left to make would be to renovate the press box and other areas in the upper section behind home plate.

But wait a minute, what did John Henry just say?

"There is an expiration date on Fenway Park."

Whoa, hold on a minute, say what?

We catch our breath and lean in a little closer to make sure we hear clearly what the rest is he has to say.

"But it won’t come due for another 30 years or so."

Well that is a relief. Sort of anyway, 30 years is a long time, maybe not something John Henry expects to have to deal with, but what happens in 30 years?

Do the gates get padlocked?

Do the wrecking crews line up on Yawkey Way?

"Structurally there is an expiration date."

Let's keep an eye on this one Red Sox Nation, it can't be that Fenway Park would be torn down and some new stadium setup down by the waterfront?

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