Hallelujah, He's Healthy

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Can it be?

Well from the horses mouth, Clay Buchholz says he is healthy and ready to go.

Down at Fort Myers, Florida at Spring Training he took the time to provide a long interview to the press pool. He talked through how he feels great, no worries at all.

We hope so Mr. Buchholz, we hope so.

At 29 years old, he has enough years in the Major Leagues to know his body and how he needs to prepare, right?

Well, since joining the Red Sox in 2007 he has only managed to make over 16 appearances in two seasons. The two years, not consecutive years, that he did manage to give it a go he only made it to 28 and 29 appearances.

Jon Lester in comparison has only fallen short of 31+ appearances in that same time frame once and threw less than 200 innings twice.

Imagine if Clay Buchholz could stay healthy?

We all are dying to see Clay Buchholz complete a season, especially when we were tantalized with what he produces last season before coming up lame. He posted a 1.74 ERA over 16 appearances, with a 21 win and 1 loss record, 108.1 innings pitched, and 96 strikeouts.

This guy can dazzle and we want more of that, say for 200+ innings.

Last season he went 9-0 over his first 12 starts, but was not happy when he had to depart with a shoulder injury. "Getting off to a start like that, it's somewhat depressing I wasn't able to follow up," Buchholz said.

We were pretty depressed too, wanting to have a Cy Young candidate on the mound at Fenway to match the league MVP during the season that they win the World Series.

Maybe in 2014 Mr. Buchholz?

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