(VIDEO) Koji Uehara in new beer commercial: The most interesting man in the world? Not according to him

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Fresh off a World Series title that left him the toast of the town - here and abroad - Koji Uehara doesn't seem to let the success get to his head.

There are no complaints or contract demands when it comes to Koji.

Speaking through an interpreter at spring training on Monday, Uehara commented on how things have changed since getting that final out, "Nothing has changed at all, I don’t realize any changes... I don't care about what people think. Every year is a challenge. I try to make that motivation to be better."

When asked about throwing the final strike that brought Boston a championship, Uehara said, "I was just trying to get the final out. That's the only thing I was thinking of - nothing more, nothing less. Of course when we finally won it, there was an explosion of joy.”

Uehara also seems to realize a World Series ring doesn't guarantee anything, "I feel that I still have to earn [the closers job]. I'm just preparing accordingly to win that position."

Let's hope nothing changes. Uehara was dominant after taking over the closers role last season with 21 saves, a 1.09 ERA, 0.57 WHIP and 12.2 strikeouts per nine innings.

If it's closing time, it's Koji time. And Suntory time. Cheers.

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