Will Middlebrooks generates interest from Miami

Photo from NESN
Conor Frederick (ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

Will Middlebrooks is still drawing interest from other teams, despite putting up some disappointing numbers in 2013, according to NESN. The Miami Marlins have apparently repeatedly asked about Middlebrooks, but a deal with the Marlins is unlikely unless the deal involves Giancarlo Stanton, which isn't likely as Stanton is one of the building blocks of the Miami franchise.

Middlebrooks hit 227 with 17 homers, 49 RBIs, a .271 on-base percentage and 98 strikeouts in 94 games, according to NESN, and he was sent down in June. Middlebrooks is likely to be the starting 3B on Opening Day, unless the Red Sox re-sign shortstop Stephen Drew. If that happens, he will likely split time at 3rd with Xander Bogaerts.

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