Cherington - We want to reach a deal with Lester before Opening Day

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Conor Frederick (@CJFSoxFan1016)
Contributing Writer

I think it's safe to say that Jon Lester will get a contract at some point and, according to ESPN Boston, general manager Ben Cherington hopes that will be before Opening Day, but it's still not certain.

“I can’t handicap it," he said. “We’re still talking. There’s nothing else to report than that. I think the spirit of it has continued to be open -- sharing information, and focusing on resolving it one way or another this week before we get into Opening Day."

Cherington also mentioned in the press conference that whatever happens, Lester remains focused on his Opening Day start, but the Red Sox organization would like to see Lester in a Sox uniform past this season.

“We have great respect for Jon," Cherington said. “He’s obviously preparing to take the ball on Opening Day. That’s what he’s focused on mostly. No matter what happens this week, we’re going to support him fully. Our preferred position is he remains in a Red Sox uniform past 2014. That won’t change, no matter what happens the rest of this week."

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