Red Sox Approach is Anti-Spring

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Last year the Red Sox started Spring Training in all seriousness.

The team building began from day one to turn around from the disaster of 2012.

It paid off.

They kicked off with a 20-8 start, 97 wins, the American League East crown, the AL pennant, and the big World Series trophy standing in the window after the 2013 season.

This year the tactics have been very different.

Easing in the starting pitchers due to the extended postseason, easing in the starting lineup, and basically ramp up now after the first two weeks.

It has not been pretty and the question is, should we be concerned?

This has led to 14 errors over the first 10 games.

A team ERA of 5.46.

Only a .277 team batting average.

A sickly .307 team on-base percentage.

A scout watching the Red Sox play the Pirates this weekend summed it up best.

"It’s not showtime yet. That’s a team that can flip the switch and they’ll be good. They have so much belief in what they can do."

With regards to the pitching staff, manager John Farrel said, "We’ve taken a little different approach with the first outings in the rotation. We’ve done some simulated game action, where you ease into the intensity. It’ll be more earnest the next time through."

David Ross offers this food for thought, “As we get into this more, we have to get into the rhythm again, that feeling of winning the day. That’s how we approached it last season.”

They have three weeks until Opening Day.

This coming week will be most telling as the rotation and fielders pick it up for real.

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