RSL Poll: Replay or no Replay? Farrell Loses Faith

The Guru
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Not a good weekend in the Bronx for Sox skipper John Farrell as Boston dropped three of four to the Yanks, Koji and Pedroia were out and the new and improved Bud Selig memorial replay system short circuited.

As a result, Farrell was back in his office by the fourth inning Sunday night..

Saturday, replay officials missed a call when Yankees infielder Dean Anna was called safe at second despite the replays showing he was clearly out. Sunday night, the umps overturned an inning-ending double play (the Yankees would go on to score the eventual game-winner) and the usually mild mannered manager had a Broadway blow up.

Following his choice words - and while I'm no lip reader, it appears Farrell suggests the umps get a prostate exam - Farrell became the first MLB manager to be ejected arguing a replay call.

Farrell continued to vent following the loss.
"It was clear the replay was inconclusive. On the heels of [Saturday], this is a tough pill to swallow. It's hard to have much faith in the system right now. You'd think a video replay would be conclusive or there are plays where it would not be conclusive, which was tonight. We ended up on the wrong side both times."

What say you, Red Sox Lifers?

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