Middlebrooks Splints Finger On Disabled List

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Eric D. Schabell
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Early in Friday nights game against the Tigers, Will Middlebrooks was up on the grass to prevent a bunt from speedster Ian Kinsler.

He got a wicked line drive hit with topspin just under the glove that banged up his right index finger.

At first he thought it was just a bruise or jammed finger, but as the game progressed it got worse and worse.

By the eighth inning he could not even get his batting glove on.

Even as the pain persisted, Middlebrooks said he did not want to come out of the game.

"I hit with it twice, or attempted to hit with it twice. I was able to hit with it off the bat but throwing was pretty tough," he said. "I think I got three or four plays after it happened. I knew the grass was wet so I could skip it over to Napoli if I needed to. Just tried to make it through. I was like, 'I just jammed it, bruised it and it'll be better tomorrow, ice it up, whatever.' And then it just kept getting worse and getting worse."

For the second time this season he lands on the disabled list.

He missed 19 games in April with a right calf strain.

After missing stretches of last season with a string of nagging injuries, Middlebrooks wondered when his luck would turn. “I’m waiting,” Middlebrooks said. “I think I’m pretty due.”

Manager John Farrell said Middlebrooks will have his finger in a splint for approximately 5-to-7 days.

Infielder Brock Holt was called up to fill the roster spot. The 25-year-old hit .348/.429/.435 (140 OPS+) with one stolen base in seven games for Boston earlier this season. He has hit .315/.380/.454 in 27 Triple-A games as well.

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