Report: Peavy received fluids after start Wednesday

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Conor Frederick (@C_Frederick1016)
Contributing Writer

According to WEEI, Jake Peavy was feeling under the weather during his start on Wednesday and had to go into the dugout to receive fluids because he was dehydrated. He still managed to hold to Cincinnati Reds to 3 runs in 6+ innings, but was pulled after loading the bases in the 7th.

Illness aside, Jake Peavy was also dealing with the issues that have been plaguing him all year, i.e. walking hitters - he gave up another 4 walks against the Reds, which is the 4th time he's done that this year, per WEEI. That's generally not been a problem for him as he gave up 1.9 walks per 9 innings, 2.0 walks/9 innings and 2.2 walks/9 innings from 2011-13 respectively according to WEEI, but he has had his struggles this year.

He delivered another quality outing, but has only one win so far this year. If you ask Peavy, though, that doesn't matter to him.

“€œI’€™m not worried about that,” he said. “€œI’€™m worried about wins and losses on this day. We grinded it out. At the end of the day we believe in all 25 men in this room and we believe, like I said, we can play even better than we have and we expect to here in the next few months.”

The Red Sox are playing it by year, as they haven't listed him on the DL or listed him as day-to-day yet. We'll keep you posted if the Sox do decide to put him on the DL.