2 sides of the coin: Jon Lester

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Conor Frederick (@C_Frederick1016)
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There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Jon Lester in the past week or so, including a deal that would send Lester to the LA Dodgers for Matt Kemp. CSNNE debated the merits of a possible deal. Bob Neumeier advocated for getting something in return while you can, so as to avoid letting him walk out as a free agent, while Lou Merloni and Steve Buckley think the Red Sox can get more for Lester than Matt Kemp, who has had his injury problems.

"You seem to be reluctant to trade Jon Lester under any circumstance," said Neumeier. "He's going to be gone in two months. Get what you can for him."

"I don't know Matt Kemp is the best you can do," said Buckley. "You want to trade him for a bag of balls."

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I would like to see Lester stay in a Sox uniform beyond 2014, but that may not be realistic, so if they do end up letting him go, I'd like to see the Sox get something in return. I'm just not sure about Matt Kemp. Sure, we could use the offense, but it wouldn't be worth the injuries that would come with Kemp.

Whatever the Sox do, if they let him walk he'll surely end up with the Yankees in free agency, which I'm sure no one wants to see. I got over Jacoby Ellsbury, because there was no real chance of him staying, but I think this would be worse.

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