Jake Peavy is "so sick of losing" as Red Sox winning streak comes to a screeching halt

Jennifer Warner
Contributing Writer
Photo courtesy of NESN

It hasn't been a secret that the Red Sox bullpen, and team in general, has been less than stellar this year. With an embarrassing first half of the season out of the way, it seemed like the Red Sox were starting to turn things around, winning eight of their last ten games. Heck, even Clay Buchholz, who has been shaky at best, has had some pretty decent outings since coming back from the DL. But one pitcher who can't seem to build up that win column is Jake Peavy. And he is not afraid to let people know that he is "so sick of losing."

Peavy went into last night's game against the Toronto Blue Jays with a 1-8 record on the year, and last night's outing did nothing to boost those numbers in his favor. Once again, Peavy did not get any run support and that "one bad inning" was his downfall. He managed to keep the Sox alive for the first five innings, allowing only one Blue Jay run, but in the sixth, a lead-off home run by Jose Reyes followed by a two-run blast by Dioner Navarro proved to be too much of an obstacle to overcome.  And thus, the Red Sox winning streak came to a screeching halt as they fell to Toronto, 7-3. 

When asked about his consistent lack of run support, Peavy went on to say, "That's no excuse. I'm not going to sit here and make excuses like that. I certainly know those types of games; I've been in them my whole career. I've got to be better -- that's all there is to it. I'm so sick of losing. Run support or no run support, it's no fun to lose and the only way I know to stop that from happening is to be better."

Being better and getting back on track for wins may not be the only thing on Peavy's mind right now. There have been some trade rumors swirling around the 33-year old since a certain former catcher was DFAd before the All-Star Break. Peavy insists that he is not concerned with those rumors at this point and stated, "I am aware of it. I'm kept abreast by the team and my representation and we'll see how that all plays out. But no, absolutely no thoughts. I didn't think of it today. I thought about beating Toronto."

With a new record of 1-9 and a current ERA of 4.72, the highest ERA of his 12-year career, Peavy's frustrations seem to be piling up faster than his losses at this point. And with the majority of Red Sox Nation taking to social media and calling for him to be traded, or his head on a pike, whichever comes first, Peavy has even more obstacles to avoid driving his Duck boat into.  Tonight, however, he can rest as Clay Buchholz takes the mound when the Red Sox continue their series in Toronto before heading to Tampa Bay on Friday.

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