Red Sox steam rolling WAP statistic

Wins After Pierzynski (WAP) at .875
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

With the Red Sox on a serious role the last weeks, winning seven of eight while finishing with a sweep of the Royals at Fenway.

There could be a lot of reasons why this shipped seems to have righted so suddenly.

Maybe with Jackie Bradley Jr. starting to make some contact raising his average to .227?

Having Shane Victorino back off the DL finally is always a plus?

Xander Bogaerts has broken out of his long slump and his average is on the rise at .234, finally showing the left infield production that has been missing?

The $10MM dollar man Stephen Drew has started, started, not really hitting much with a .167 average over 105 plate appearances. Well, at least he is healthy and taking up a roster spot, right?

After digging a little deeper into what could be the cause of the sudden change, we find that the symptom seems to have been the DFA of A.J. Pierzynski.

The phrase was coined a few weeks back by John Dennis sports writer at WEEI and has seem to garnered a bit of a following (note he spelled Pierzynski wrong the first tweet, but it might have been done on the run and auto-correction can be a pain).

So with Wins After Pierzynski (WAP), we now have a way to measure in a statistically supported manner.

The fans have now taken this and pinned it all on Pierzynski which, though not really the sole reason for this seasons performance, has galvanized everyone behind the Red Sox.

Maybe it makes a difference?

It is noted after every single win since Pierzynski DFA'ed.

With a final sweep of the Royals the Red Sox WAP quotient has reached epic proportions at .875.

How far will the #WAP tag carry the Red Sox?

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