Say it ain't so... Xander Bogaerts to Astros

You gonna trade me to who?
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Scary thought isn't it?

What about losing Ryan Lavarnway, Deven Marrero, Jackie Bradley Jr., Allen Webster, or Garin Cecchini?

To the Houston Astros no less.

For who you ask?

Bud Norris, a 220 pound, right-handed pitcher that was being shopped for talent it seems by the Astros since mid-2013.

Here is a unique look behind the scenes at some leaked (or hacked, depending on who you believe) documents from the Astros organization.

The fascination is that we get a look a the actual data behind a possible deal, how names are slung around, offers made, and finally nothing happening. Normally we have just trade rumors, but now we have a gold mine.

It started for the Boston Red Sox back in July of 2013, with a note that the Astros management reached out to Ben Cherington with a first offer for Norris.

"7/24 - BOS offered Ryan Lavarnway or Deven Marrero for Norris. We said no. JL told BC that it would have to be one of Bogaerts, Webster, Bradley, or Cecchini to get in the conversation at this point."

Lavarnway for Norris might have made sense back then for the Red Sox. Good thing Marrero was rejected as he is shinning at shortstop this season at Double-A Portland (.293/.374/.437).

Then a counter-offer followed in a few days that could have killed the Red Sox 2013 World Series run.

"7/29/2013, BC texted JL and said they couldn't include Bogaerts, Cecchini, Webster, or Bradley but thought they had enough depth to still make an appealing package. JL wrote back and asked if they would consider a package around Barnes and Owens."

Can you imagine if Bogaerts, Webster, or Bradley Jr. would have been gone before the postseason last year?

We would like to imagine that Ben Cherington laughed that message off, right?

A day later the Red Sox found a pitcher, sending out Jose Iglesias and bringing Jake Peavy in a three-way deal with the White Sox. Houston made its Norris deal, sending him to the Orioles for outfielder L.J. Hoes, Single-A pitcher Josh Hader, and a draft pick.

In the second leaked document there was late in December of 2013 contact around Mike Carp.

"12/19/2013"," JL reached out to BC on Carp. BC said that they likely value Carp more than other Clubs and would likely want real prospect value in return."

Another example of a trade that might have cost the Red Sox the 2013 World Series.

Talk about a few close calls.

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