How to get your bullpen cop bobblehead

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Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Imagine you were doing the right thing, going through life and just working hard to earn your paycheck.

You are a policeman in Boston.

Next thing you know, you catch a break and get to work a Red Sox game.

Occasionally they pull you into Fenway Park to post in the bullpen, just to make sure nothing bad happens. You have always been a Red Sox fan and now you are living the dream from the front row of Fenway's bullpen.

Then the Red Sox have a magical 2013 season, working their way into the championship series against the Tigers. You draw bullpen duty one night and are enjoying one of the best games Big Papi has ever played.

Then it happens.

Little did you realize how close the action would come until David Ortiz hammers an inside fastball high into the Fenway night. You watch it go up and are swept up in the action so much so that you throw your hands in the air with all 35 thousand fans around you as you watch the ball sailing towards you.

Wait, towards you?

You see that the ball will probably clear the fence and look down just in time to see Detroit right fielder Torii Hunter hit the wall and flip bottom-over-tea-kettle.

The rest is history.

You are a celebrity, everyone knows the name Steve Horgan in Boston and you know you have made it when they bring out a special bullpen cop bobblehead.

How do you get one?

Well, they gave away 1,000 of them at Fenway last Monday during the game with the Angels. Have yet to see them on eBay yet, but you never know.

If you spot one in the wild, shoot us a tweet would you?

We want one.

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