3 Reasons to continue watching the 2014 Red Sox

Jorge Camargo
Contributing Writer

After beating the the O's one last time for this season, the Red Sox currently hold a 68-88 record. Since the Bobby Valentine season ended with a 69-93 record, it seems very unlikely that this year the Red Sox will end with a worse record. After all, the 2014 squad did better that the 2012 Red Sox.

Since the Red Sox are not making it to the playoffs and the last week of regular season begins this Monday, to continue giving our attention to the team may be a little pointless. But to keep ourselves busy before October begins, here are 3 reasons to continue watching the 2014 Red Sox

1.- The Rookie Invasion and the Pre-Spring Training Week

On Wednesday 17th, the Red Sox recalled Rusney Castillo, Garin Cecchini, Heath Hembree, Edwin Escobar, Bryce Bentz and Ryan Lavarnway from AAA-Pawtucket and since then, we have seen them have several interesting at-bats. Rusney Castillo signed a 72.5 million contract for seven years so he better be the next big thing for the organization. Anyway, these rookies are trying to earn themselves a spot for the 2015 team and since this is the last regular season week and no playoff clinching victory is on play, the next days will be like Spring Training in September. It will surely bring some relevant outcomes since this week can be considered an exhibition of Red Sox rookies that could lead to great trades during the offseason, or be the revelation moment for some of them.

Rusney Castillo during his debut, photo provided by NESN

2.- Bogaerts' Redemption

The rookie Xander Bogaerts entered this season with everyone having great expectations on him but his number couldn't live up to the hype. From March to August, Bogaerts had a .218 avg with just 8 homeruns. But since August 22, when Seattle ace Felix Hernandez threw an 89 mph changeup to Bogaerts' left ear, the roookie has not been the same. Xander missed a few games and got evaluated for concussion but then returned on August 30th and had a 4-2 night. He hasn't stopped since then. During the month of September, Bogaerts has a .308 avg, with 4 homeruns and 13 RBI. Having him on the lineup for the final homestand with these stats will finally make him feel welcome by the Red Sox Nation.

The dugout celebrating Bogaerts' home run. Photo courtesy of Boston Herald

3.-Now batting for the Yankees, number 2, Derek Jeter, number 2

Alright, take a deep breath, count to 150 and relax. I'm definetely not trying to give Jeter more attention and say that he's the best ballplayer of all time, bla bla bla bla, so chill and keep reading. As we all know, Derek Jeter is retiring and the Yankees are not making it to the postseason so his final game will take place this week.

Whether we respect him or not, Derek Jeter is one of the most iconic baseball players of all time. But as a Red Sox Nation, why should we care? Why should we give our attention to a Yankee that's retiring? Well, because it seems that his final at bat will be next Sunday at Fenway Park. I know that probably he will choose to have his final game at Yankee Stadium and show some respect to the fans, but the Red Sox Organization have plans to honor Derek Jeter on 9/28.

Now, let's look at it in a funny rival way. Let's suppose that Derek Jeter has his last at bat and Fenway. Here are some possible outcomes that will bring a smile to our face (Don Orsillo's voice mode: ON):

"And Mujica strikes out Jeter to end the inning!"
"The Captain grounds out to 2nd baseman Mookie Betts and the tying run is not able to make it to the plate!"
"Fly ball to deep center field and Bradley Jr. makes the catch that ends the inning!"

With baseball we never know what will happen, but Jeter's last at bat is a must seen even if you think of him as just another player.

And here's our beloved Jon Lester talking about the Captain