Is Pablo Sandoval the guy we need?

As Red Sox chairman Tom Werner made an appearance on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan Show a few weeks ago, he made it clear he was on a mission this offseason. “I wouldn’t say that we have endless money,” Werner said, “but we’ve got a lot of money to spend and we’re determined to go into the free agent market and improve the team.”
Sandoval could be the other left handed power bat this lineup needs
We know an improvement in the rotation will be on the agenda but a third baseman could be as well. Sandoval who will demand a substantial contract has tremendous value that will help fill the hole at third base.
The Red Sox lineup is heavily right handed. Behind Ortiz there is no power from the left side of the plate. The team has slashed .243/.314/.362 against starters of the same variety, with 75 home runs in 3,400+ at bats.
Sandoval will greatly help fix that. Sandoval owns a lifetime .840 OPS with 85 home runs and 140 doubles against right handed starters. He slashed .317/.362/.505 with 13 homer runs and 15 RBI. The group of Red Sox third basemen has managed a .209/.267/.304 slash with nine long balls and 50 RBI.
Middlebrooks has struggled swinging the bat this year,
and the Sox could be forced to look elsewhere

Sandoval would be a major upgrade over Will Middlebrooks or Brock Holt but the price would be higher. Sandoval will probably be looking at a 5 year, $75 million deal, but he is only 28. He could come into Boston and have an immediate impact. The Red Sox will look to upgrade their third basemen through free agency or through the trade market and if Tom Werner was serious about spending money, Sandoval could find his way into a Red Sox uniform.

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