Young Red Sox fans pay forward returned in spades

(Photo: MLB)
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

It was a small moment in the Red Sox game last night.

It was a blip on the radar of a season that has not had many highlights to celebrate for the Red Sox.

It was the sharp eye of Jerry Remy in the NESN announcers booth that spotted the action that has warmed the hearts of not just Red Sox fans, but people everywhere.

A young boy is sitting in Fenway yesterday watching his Red Sox play the Blue Jays from the thrid base side seating right down front. Christian Vazquez fouls off a ball down to the line to the ball girl who gives it to him.

What he does next sets a series of memorable Fenway moments that you will not soon forget.

Twitter lit up from official MLB accounts to fans that can not help themselves but to adore this whole scene.

Fans melted all over the world last night.

Some were in disbelief and questioned their abilities to be as big a man as this boy showed us to be.

Nothing nicer than seeing Jerry Remy jump on the moment as, "...the nicest thing I have seen all season happen at Fenway." He jumped right on it and sent on field reporter Gary Striewski down to the boy with a pair of baseballs and a live interview during the game on NESN.

To top that off, the Red Sox sent a gift bag of team goodies down to him later and he was again shown sharing items with the little girl sitting behind him.

Going to a Red Sox game is awesome.

Sitting front row third base side is amazing.

Getting a foul ball is like a dream come true.

Having a heart big enough to give that to a little girl sitting behind you is... priceless.

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