Sox Rotation Less Than Reliable

Mike Davis

Contributing Writer

The Boston Red Sox starting rotation was less than reliable especially since the trade deadline.  No rookies have been able to step up and the only reliable starter after the trade deadline was Joe Kelly. Jon Lester was phenomenal all season until he was traded.  He was a lights out pitcher.

John Lackey was having a good season and was really giving the rotation a boost.  He was traded to the Cardinals and then the Sox did not have an ace.  Jake Peavy had been decent but had one win and nine losses.  He was then traded to the Giants and replaced in the rotation by Rubby De La Rosa.

Rubby De La Rosa has been horrible this season. He has given up a ton of runs per game and we have lost almost all of his starts. Felix Doubront was terrible and was moved to the bullpen.  He was not good out of the pen either so he was traded to the Cubs.  Brandon Workman has had his worst season yet. He does not seem to be the same guy that he was last season and was not a reliable guy at all.  John Farrell eventually had no choice but to put him into the bullpen.  

Clay Buchholz has been off his game the whole entire season.  He had a losing record and an era above 4.00.  If the Red Sox have plans on contending next season, Buchholz needs to be the starter he was before.  Allen Webster had a tough season, but finished on a high note.  He has had a few starts for the Sox this season and some have been good.  

Anthony Ranaudo has been decent, but towards the final few outings he was not performing.  He is expected to be a part of the team next season and he needs to be able to fix all of his mechanics so he can be a reliable pitcher.  

Finally, Joe Kelly has been a dependable starter. He has only had one bad start.  The Sox need to rely on him next season and Kelly has proven they can.  The Sox rotation was not very good at after the trade deadline. The overall grade for the starting rotation this season was a C-.    

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