News & updates from the Red Sox fringes

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

The snow is falling , Boston is turning winter white and baseball seems a long ways away.

There has been plenty of action on the free agent market with the Red Sox signing two big fish.

Off on the sidelines there are players working hard to get ready for the 2015 season.

With Spring Training over a hundred days away, there are pitchers like Steven Wright working out daily to prepare for the coming season.

Fingers crossed that we will see our knuckleballer at Fenway more this season than just the 10 appearances over the last two seasons.

A newly signed players in 2014, Rusney Castillo has been cleared by the doctors after hurting his hand in the Arizona Fall League (AFL). The Red Sox had sidelined Castillo for the remainder of the AFL season with a sprained/bruised thumb for precautionary reasons, throwing a wrench in the planning for him to accumulate 200 at-bats this off season.

He has been working hard to get ready for this next challenge.

He is primed to head to warmer weather down in Puerto Rico for some winter league action and will depart on Friday November 28th.

The outfielder is scheduled to start his first game on December 2nd with the Crillos de Cagaus with a plan for his adjusting to play right field and center field (with Hanley Ramirez now manning left field) and for him to accumulate close to 100 at-bats.

He hit .278 with 10 hits in the Arizona Fall League (three for doubles) in 36 at-bats before being sidelined with an injury after only 8 games.

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