BREAKING: David Ortiz, Larry Bird called upon to help Boston's Olympic bid

Image By: Carlos Osorio
Scott Levesque
Twitter: @scottlevesque

So, we're really doing this...

I can't for the life of me understand why Boston would want to host the 2024 Olympic games. Are we suffering from short-term amnesia?! For crying out loud, the MBTA is giving away free train rides ALL DAY Friday because of the 2015 winter fluster cluck. I love this city. I love it more now then I did yesterday, but for the love of God please stop this madness.

Apparently, my cries have fallen on deaf ears. The Boston 2024 Board (which will provide governance oversight on key policy issues leading up to the final bid) announced its final 30 members and guess who was chosen to help lead the charge for Boston? That's right, long-time political guru David Ortiz and public policy aficionado Larry Bird.

No, no. I'm not joking, folks - see for yourself (along with a full list of board members). I'm under no illusion that Bird or Ortiz will play a serious role in governance, but DAMN, that's a serious power-move.

Well played, Boston 2024 Board. Well. Played.