Crappy pitching, the "friend zone," and Hanley's indiscretions

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Scott Levesque
Twitter: @scottlevesque

I'm aware the season is only 14 games old, but that does not mean discussing some glaring realities is totally off-limits. The Red Sox sit atop the A.L. East at 9-5, two games ahead of the bottom dwelling peasants that make up the rest of the division. As the season progresses there are three potential pitfalls to watch out for. All of which could prevent the Red Sox from making a deep playoff run in 2015.

Starting Rotation

To say the Red Sox have an issue with their starting rotation is like saying Nickelback is a terrible band. It's so obvious, and by extension, tacky. As of this very moment (7:30am) the Red Sox rank 20th in team ERA, and 9th in runs allowed. One word, people: YIKES! Our fearless skipper was once a former pitching coach perhaps it's time to dust off those skills and put them into action.

Talent, Talent Everywhere

Who said having too much talent was a good thing? If you're the Red Sox this predicament is far from flattering. I imagine Brock Holt, Shane Victorino, Mookie Betts, Daniel Nava and Allen Craig must feel like their in Farrell's friend zone half the time - will any of them ever seal the deal. Let's not forget about that $75 million minor leaguer, Rusney Castillo. If only the pitching staff had this problem...(sad face).

Hustle and Respect

We've all seen the genius that is Hanley Ramirez. His ability to swing the bat is rivaled only by his inability to play left field. Ramirez is still hitting well enough (.269 BA,, 5 HR, 12 RBI) but if things out! I'm not so sure Red Sox Nation will think those little mishaps in left are terribly "cute" if his bat disappears. Just sayin'.