MLB preview by Boston Red Sox go from Worst to First

In the past few seasons the American League East has really heated up. With the Baltimore Orioles winning last year and the Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, and New York Yankees all in top form not just last year but over the last 5 years, this league surely have many teams well-capable of taking the win. The Red Sox are in a superb form with an eclectic team. Though they just have one big free agent pitcher, Clay Buchholz, after failing to land more during the off-season, they are expected to garner the division’s largest run differential by a wide margin. This season, as with all other MLB seasons, we are committed to give you the best betting tips based on in-depth game analysis to make sure you make optimum returns during this MLB season. Opening day is next week! You can get ready with this MLB Online Betting Infographic.

ZiPS suggest that Boston’s Pablo Sandoval and Henry Ramirez are capable of pulling a few wins for their team and join Mookie Betts and Dustin Pedroia as Red’s best hitters. Surely, this should be baseball’s best hitting team:

“Red sox bat-blocked their competitors effectively in a weak market for hitters by landing the winter’s 2 highest-priced free agent hitters, Pablo Sandoval and Henry Ramirez, to an already talented team. DH David Ortiz, who turns 40 in November, remains monstrous. His relatively low batting average this past season probably was a mirage, and the sox’s deep cast of 2nd -tier sluggers makes this team’ s middle of thicker than that of all other teams. Catcher might be only position where the Sox lack an above average bat — at least till Swihart matures — and this is only because they have doubled down on their defensive back-stops.”

Expect some competition in the division from the likes of the Blue Jays and Yankees, each projected to win 82 games by the time this baseball season closes. But expect more serious contention from Toronto who is favorite for the best-hitting baseball team alongside Boston. They have devastating pitcher to their name in the form of 22-year old Aaron Sanchez, who takes the spot after Marcus Stroman’s injury;

“This sinker generates a very high number of swings and misses when compared to other sinkers, is one real worm killer who generates so many groundball, is thrown at speeds that are borderline unfair, has a slight arm side run and some quite natural sinking action.”

Well, nothing looks more promising than his 65.9% groundball rate. It does tell a lot about what he is capable of. Should he keep up with his current performance and continue pitching every 5th day, Toronto will make a killing! Only time will tell.