Is the rivarly with The Evil Empire rising again?

Jorge Camargo
Contributing Writer

Jacoby Ellsbury trying to look intimidating after being drilled
by Mujica. Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images.
It has been a long time since the Red Sox and the Yankees got into something worthy of their rivalry. You may say that Ryam Dempster drilling A-Rod in 2013, Ellsbury joining the Yankees and that thing with Michael "Pine Tar" Pineda last year are chapters in the rivalry, but that's not even close to Varitek punching Alex Rodríguez. Regardless of that, the Yankees swept the Red Sox at Fenway for the first time since 2006 and during the last game of the series, Mujica drilled Ellsbury after Warren (Yankees SP) hitted Hanley Ramírez. It seemed that Warren's pitch was not intentional, but Mujica's definetely was. Even though Girardi didn't directly accuse Mujica of intentionally drilling Ellsbury, his comments when asked about the issue are somehow worthy of a high school gossip:

“You’d have to ask Mujica,” Girardi said. “It seemed a little fishy to me. “He threw inside on the first pitch. He didn’t seem to have any problems before that. He’s the only one that knows.”

Ha. Your team's moustaches were the only thing that seemed fishy during Sunday's game. But anyway, the interesting part came when Ellsbury decided to open his mouth about Mujica. For the first time in his life, Ellsbury decided to talk about something with the media and it was, as Girardi said, fishy.

“We definitely weren't trying to throw at Hanley. I don’t know why he got all riled up in the first place. But, yeah, you throw one up and in, and then 3-0 you come at me. I don’t really care what they’re trying to do over there, but just what we’re trying to do, so I just took my base and let them know I didn’t appreciate it. I don’t need to get thrown out. I don’t need to miss any games. I realize my importance to my team.” Well, he certainly didn't realize his importance to his team when he missed 88 games in 2012 and 144 in 2010, but anyway.

“It didn’t hurt anyway,” he said. “I didn’t even feel it. Mujica is just lucky I didn’t steal two bases off of him.” Ha. You're just lucky Mujica didn't send you to the DL with that pitch.

What's the deal with this Ellsbury guy? He was way too quiet when he was with the Red Sox and all of the sudden he is trash talking about being hit, saying that he realizes his importance to the team, bla bla bla bla bla... Well, at least he gave a spark to the rivalry. Let's hope that the next time the Red Sox and Yankees face each other, we see more of this. We really missed this. We need this. This Red Sox team need this.

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