Let's see how this Red Sox season could get worse


The Red Sox put up five runs in the first inning. They carried an 8-4 lead into the seventh. They lost 13-10.

That very same seventh inning, the Toronto Blue Jays sent nine men to the plate and scored nine times before recording an out.

I keep telling myself “it can’t get any worse.” I’ve said it at least 10 times this season and really meant it. I’ve been proven wrong every time. Now I’m just curious. How bad can it really get?

And so, I want to declare the morning after one of the worst losses in recent Red Sox history:

It can’t get any worse.

I’ve got chills. What do we think is going to happen next? The possibilities seem endless. A ten game losing streak? They’ve got a four-gamer at the moment, almost halfway there! Wait, what about a perfect game? Against them, of course. Don't be silly. They see the Atlanta Braves four times next week. They seem bound to face Shelby Miller who seems bound to hurl one sooner or later.

No! I’ve got it.

How about a season-ending concussion to Eduardo Rodriguez on a batted ball from A-Rod that strikes E-Rod in the face then bounces towards second for a routine double play.

But instead, it causes a collision at second that results in torn ACLs for Dustin Pedroia and Xander Bogaerts, who also tears both of his Achilles tendons. Also, those two outs would've completed a three game sweep of the Yankees heading into the All-Star Break. Breaking body and spirit! Only a month away!

We’re witnessing something special, Red Sox Nation. And I’m a masochist who wants to see what horror Lady Fate has in store for us.

This is clearly punishment for wanting to move the PawSox.