Scott Levesque
Twitter: @mendoza_lines

Listen, if the Red Sox continue to suck this bad then it only makes sense to relive the moments over and over and over and over and over and over and get it the idea.

That's why I'm ashamed to introduce the "Week in Re(Vine): THE CRAPTASTIC EDITION." A beautifully horrific look at the Red Sox. Don't worry, they're not ALL bad - just this week.

It's endless fun. Enjoy!

1. Mookie Betts is assaulted by the bullpen wall

2. Kevin Pillar tries to one-up Mookie Betts

3. How many Red Sox does it take to catch a popup

4. HanRam tries to slap Bogaerts for invading his personal bubble

5. Rick Porcello expresses what Red Sox Nation feels

6. Joe Kelly looks ridiculous at the plate, but gets an infield single...IRONY

7. Clay Buchholz: The anti-Dustin Pedroia