Recap - Sox lose to Astros with usual suspects contributing

Jim Monaghan
Contributing Writer

The Red Sox snapped defeat from the jaws of victory last night losing 12-8 in 10 innings to the Astros at Fenway Park.

Rather than give you the blah-blah-blah details, let's take a look at some of the individual Red Sox performances last night.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press
JUSTIN MASTERSON - he was fine the first time through the Houston order and was cruising with a 2-0 lead when the wheels came off in the top of the fourth, the second time through the Houston lineup. If he's going to stick around for the remainder of the season he might serve the Red Sox better coming out of the bullpen.

MIKE NAPOLI - he's completely lost at the plate, and now he can't catch the ball either. His error in the top of the 10th inning couldn't have come at a worse time. He is clearly a candidate to be DFA'd.

MOOKIE BETTS - I get that he's still only 22 and learning the game at the highest professional level, but getting thrown out trying to steal 3rd in the 8th inning was just plain stupid. With Bogaerts up and Ortiz (who would double) to follow, most Little Leaguers know there was no need to attempt that steal.

CRAIG BRESLOW - nice guy...does a lot for the community...served up a first-pitch home run to Carlos Correa in the 8th after the Sox had rallied to tie the score in the 7th. The mood at Fenway immediately changed when he was back on the mound to start the 8th.

MATT BARNES - I don't care how good your curve ball is. When you throw a 97-mph fastball, you might want to feature it a bit more. His CB to FB ratio last night had to be least.

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