2016 roster projection

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The Red Sox are still in last place in the AL East as the season is coming to a close. Another lost season that won't result in a playoff appearance, except Torey Lovullo and Hanley think differently. But as the season winds down, the usual question emerges again: what will the roster look like next year? A question that is very difficult to answer and almost impossible to predict correctly. With newly acquired Dave Dombrowski in control, we'll have to see where he takes this team and organization.

In this roster prediction, you'll find my prediction along with some fans opinion and other RedSoxLife members.

The Fans Choice

A few days ago on twitter, I asked fans for their roster predictions. Some fans seemed to be living in a dream world, others were realistic. Through all the predictions here are some names that interested me:

Chris Davis

This name was brought up by @evanjacobsevan. Obviously Chris Davis would be brought in to fill the first base need. Based on what happened with Sandoval and Hanley, I don't think the Red Sox are likely to dish out big bucks on another hitter. I think they could find a first base solution by somebody already on this team. Plus the fact that Davis is the best first baseman in a bad free agency class could make his price go even higher.
Source: http://baltimoresportsreport.com
Carlos Carrasco

Carlos Carrasco is a name that has been rumored with Boston this season. Carrasco's name was brought to my intention by @toddsinator15. I could see this playing out as Carrasco is a fairly young arm who is under contract for multiple seasons. Carrasco has been solid this year with 12 wins to go along with a 3.53 ERA. I'd be all for Carrasco to Boston, but might have to give something significant up to get him here.

Chris Sale

Remember how I said some fans were in dream world? Well this looks like one of those, right? Maybe not. @RedHeadSoxFan had Sale in her Red Sox roster prediction. As Sale seems like a dream target, his name has been rumored to coming to Boston several times over the past few seasons. He'd be the ace we needed, but a hefty sum of top prospects would have to be put together to get him. With Dombrowski in charge, that could be a possibility, as he's known for trading prospects for proven talent. After all he was the reason the Tigers acquired Scherzer from the Diamondbacks a while back.

RedSoxLife Staff Members

After I asked Red Sox Nation on twitter, I wanted to hear from some of the people who write for this blog if they had a prediction. I'll just let you read what they had to say:

Jim Monaghan
Twitter: @Monaghan21