DEVELOPING: NESN asked Don Orsillo to lie on Twitter for them, Orsillo declined

Photo Credit:
Scott Levesque
Twitter: @mendoza_lines

According to WEEI's Kirk Minihane, NESN asked Don Orsillo to use his social media powers to lie about his firing.

Don declined to help the organization that decided to go "in another direction," and fire the long-time play-by-player announcer. This really isn't surprising considering Red Sox Nation took NESN to task (and continues to) for the release of Orsillo - a beloved TV personality of Boston Red Sox.
NESN continues to handle the Orsillo firing as if they are taking public relations advice directly from the NFL. Let me help you out here, NESN. Stop talking, let the fans be pissed for a while and just move on without asking the person you fired to help your cause.

**shaking my head** Did you really ask the guy you just screwed over to help you?! That's a new level of savage.