How David Price almost ended up in St. Louis

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Well Sox fans, the search for an ace is over. David Price agreed to a whopping 7 year deal for a record $217 million to join the Boston Red Sox. It is the largest deal ever for a starting pitcher, beating out Clayton Kershaw's extension by $2 million and it took every penny of this deal to get Price to Boston.

As Bob Nightengale notes, David Price was very close to agreeing to a contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. "David Price teed off Tuesday morning at a charity golf tournament in Las Vegas believing he would be spending the next seven years pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals," says Nightengale. "By the time he left the event hosted by former major leaguer Wally Joyner, Price had agreed to become a member of the Boston Red Sox with a deal that will make him the richest pitcher in history."

So why is Price in Boston then? Money talks. Nightengale also stated that the Red Sox upped their offer and outbid the Cardinals by $30 million. Yup, that will do it. This should not come as a surprise to Sox fans. Weeks earlier, Dave Dombrowski said "My thought process is most likely any acquisition we'd make in the starting pitching would first happen as far as the free-agent field is concerned." Additionally, Peter Gammons reported that Boston would go $30 or $40 million above the next bidder for Price.

Price reportedly preferred heading to the Chicago Cubs, where he would have joined his former manager Joe Maddon, or the St. Louis Cardinals, where he would have been closer to his home in Tennessee. Yet, Boston's offer was too strong to refuse.

Even if Boston was not Price's first choice, Red Sox fans should not be worried of a Carl Crawford type scenario where Price ends up hating Boston. First off, Price has changed organizations twice before so he is used to change. Coming to another team is nothing new for him. Secondly, Price has performed in some big markets. He has handled Detroit and he handed the craze up in Toronto this past summer. Sure, these cities aren't Boston or New York, but it is nice to see he can handle a market outside of Tampa Bay. Lastly, winning solves everything. If Price performs in Boston, we won't be second guessing his decision to take the money.

While this contract is very expensive, it is definitely the right move. The Sox have spent the past two seasons in the basement and have lacked a front line starter ever since they traded Jon Lester to Oakland. David Price provides this team with a proven commodity. He has won a Cy Young, he does not have an injury history, he has performed in the AL, and he has been phenomenal in the AL East.

This is exactly what the Red Sox need. They got their ace. He is moving from the six. He is Beantown bound.

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