Could the Red Sox Land Chris Sale?

(Oct. 1, 2015 - Source: David Banks/Getty Images North America)

It's actually not as far-fetched as you may think.

Earlier this week, the Chicago White Sox informed Adam LaRoche that he needed to put a limit on how often his son could be in the clubhouse. And for the ChiSox, only negative has come of it. In response, LaRoche fully retired from the game and the team's ace, Chris Sale, is his biggest advocate and has been blasting upper management.

With Sale's clear displeasure toward the White Sox front office, specifically Ken Williams, one can't help but wonder whether or not he's available.

He clearly is. All of these comments by Sale are because of feelings built up over a long period of time: the LaRoche incident was just the peak of it.

And who could blame Sale for not wanting to play for the White Sox: there's no sign of winning in the distant or near future, they're amongst Chicago's south side, and there's roughly 5 or 6 people at every game. I'd be mad too! Especially if I was in the prime of my career like Sale is.

In regards to the front office of the White Sox and Ken Williams, they are most likely sick of Sale's comments and the animosity between them and him right now.

So you know how you fix that?

Trade him -- and the Red Sox would be the perfect fit.

There's no bias involved here. I'm not gonna lie: I'd do anything to have the Red Sox land Chris Sale. The 1-2 punch of him and David Price would be a dream come true. But the Sale coming to Boston proposal makes a ton of sense for all parties involved which is the Red Sox, Sale, and the White Sox.

For the White Sox, Boston would be the perfect trade partner. They have ample prospects and future-stars who the White Sox would kill for. According to Bleacher Report, the White Sox are ranked 23rd for farm systems in the MLB. The Red Sox are ranked much higher. The bottom line is that the Red Sox have anything and everything that the White Sox would want.

If they want pitchers, the Red Sox have guys like Henry Owens, Brian Johnson, and even Eduardo Rodriguez.

If they want a first basemen/DH, they can take Hanley Ramirez (please take him!) or a young prospect like Sam Travis.

For Sale, the Red Sox would be the perfect fit. The BoSox, minus the past couple of years, are winners: we win, we care, we sellout. That's something that Sale has never experienced and would probably like to. The Red Sox are also projected to win and win for awhile. The front office isn't as confusing as before (key word "as") especially with Dave Dombrowski steering the ship. Fenway Park is also a tremendous place to play with an awesome atmosphere to pitch in.

For the Red Sox, Sale solidifies the number 2 spot behind Price and is another mentor for the younger pitchers. He also puts pitchers like Rick Porcello and Clay Buchholz in slots throughout the rotation in which they're comfortable playing in: the 3 and 4 spots

With all the unrest that's taking place in Chicago right now, Sale may find himself with a new team in the next week or so and there's a good chance that the new team is the Red Sox.

Just imagine a pitching staff highlighted with Price and Sale.

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