Beer at Fenway takes the Blue Ribbon

Beer prices at Fenway Park are
the highest in baseball

It’s official. Fenway Park sells the most expensive beer in MLB. Don’t think people haven’t noticed either. Toucher and Rich on Radio 98.5, the Sports Hub, recently interviewed Red Sox president Same Kennedy, who admitted to the fact. Kennedy blamed the high payroll and the millions spent on preserving Fenway Park as reasons for the rich suds, but he also was quick to point out that the $7.75 price tag for a 12 ounce brew was comparable to TD Bank Garden prices as well.

I am torn about this information, because half of me cares and half of me cares less. For the half that cares:

I’m not happy that I have to suffer due to the bad signings of Pablo Sandoval (paid $17.6 million this season according to and Rick Porcello (paid $20.125 million) and I don’t think it's fair that we have fans that have to pay more for our beer due to AAA outfielder Rusney Castillo’s $11.2 million salary for 2016. With that kind of money off the table, the Red Sox could have signed Jon Lester for a couple of seasons and Clayton Kershaw’s unborn son for a lifetime contract.

On the other hand, the other half of me that cares less about the high beer prices because I’m sure there will always be a cheap place nearby that will sell you 5 beers for $25 once I get off the ‘T’ and make my way towards Yawkey Way. I used to do my drinking in the dump formally known as “Who’s on First,” but due to recent off season shootings and generally sketchiness, the bar located right across the street from the Park no longer exists. I still plan on getting to Boston early to find a local bar for cheap pregame deals, so if you have any leads, let me know. I’ll be spending the 2016 season walking around and when I find out which place has the cheapest beer, I’ll let you guys all know.

So when you make your Mecca to one of the most beautiful places in the nation to see a baseball game, think twice before you imbibe once you get your ticket scanned. Because this year’s team may have a good product to show you on the field, but it’s going to cost you if you want to drink once you get your ticket scanned.

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