Hanley Video-Bombing JBJ's Interview is the Best Thing You'll See Today

Evan Marinofsky
Contributing Writer

This right here sums up the Red Sox.

Jackie Bradley Jr. is getting interviewed on MLB Network's "The Rundown" after winning American League Player of the Week and Hanley Ramirez just comes into the shot, shirtless, flexing, doing jumping jacks, and then shadow boxes.

Beautiful. Having fun while racking up accolades sounds like a fun summer to me.

I also love the fact that Hanley got in the whole shadow punches-thing. Intimidation level is maxed out. War has officially been declared on the Kansas City Royals.

The big question I have is what is HanRam preparing to do with those punches? Is he going to give Eric Hosmer some chin-music as he rounds first base? Is he going to give Salvador Perez the roundhouse-right when he crosses home plate after hitting a typical Hanley-style home run?

The Royals are Hanley's oyster.

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