Interesting choice of words by Buchholz

Clay Buchholz is off to a rocky 2-3 start with a 5.90 ERA.
(Photo courtesy USA Today Sports)
Ben Whitehead
Contributing writer

"Not really, I didn't really know what was going on," Clay Buchhloz said after Boston's win Monday against Oakland. "I thought I got traded or something. I'd have liked to have gone back out for the sixth, but I'm not the manager."


Like seriously, WHAT?!?!

This quote by Buchholz struck me odd. I spent a day trying to figure out what he meant by all this, and why would he use certain words and phrases to describe being taken out of a game. Let's start with the first part.

"Not really, I didn't really know what was going on."

So manager John Farrell just said, "You're coming out" and didn't give you any explanation? If so, there's a communication gap between manager and player. Some have recently debated Farrell's managerial style when it comes to situational things, but if it goes deeper and he just takes players out of games with no reasoning, that could be a problem going forward.

Secondly on this, the Sox had a 9-4 lead at that point and Buchholz was about to start his fourth time through the order. Despite only 87 pitches, it was likely clear to Farrell that he needed a fresh arm to mix things up after the A's lineup had already seen Buchholz three times and scored four runs on six hits with two walks and only two strikeouts.

Now, on to the really strange part: "I thought I got traded or something. I'd like to have gone back out for the sixth, but I'm not the manager."

No, you're not the manager. And most of Red Sox Nation was hoping you'd get taken out so you didn't blow a five-run lead. But what crossed your mind to even mention being traded during a postgame interview?

Are you wanting to be traded? Did someone come up to you and hug you like they knew you were leaving and never coming back to Boston? That's usually what happens when someone gets traded. You see guys in the dugout hugging that player knowing he's done in that uniform.

I'm baffled. Honestly, can't figure out why he would utter those words. When you're 2-3 with a nearly 6 ERA and you're supposed to be the No. 2 on the staff, you get taken out when you've given up four runs in five innings and your pitch count is approaching 100 and you've seen the lineup three times already.

To Farrell's credit, he mentioned having a rested bullpen as one of the reasons to put someone else in (along with the aforementioned other reasons). Steven Wright had just thrown a complete game in New York and the Sox 'pen got a day off. If Buchholz goes back out for the sixth, gives up a run or two - or doesn't - now, you've either given some momentum back to the A's or spent an inning that could've gone to a guy needing some work like a Tommy Layne or Carson Smith.

But don't sound dumbfounded in the postgame that you had no clue what was going on and you thought you'd been traded. If you're that worried about what the leaders of the organization think of you, then it might be time for you to go.