Live Chat: Rockies vs Red Sox Game 1

Ian Vescera (@Ian_Vescera)
Contributing Writer
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Welcome Sox fans to our inaugural Red Sox Life in-game chat! Tonight you will be joined by two staff writers of the site, Ryan Macleod (@RyanMacleod15) and myself, Ian Vescera (@Ian_Vescera). We will be here the whole night and we are ready to talk Red Sox baseball with you throughout the game.

To contribute to the conversation, click "set name" in the bottom right hand corner in the chat box. After that, a login box will appear. Once it pops up, you can do one of three things:

A) Click post anonymously
B) Type in a temporary screen name
C) Click the sign up bottom in the bottom right corner. Next, input a user name, password, and email address.

It's quick, easy, and simple. Let's go Sox!