Red Sox Superfan to Receive Championship Fantasy Camp Trophy on May 26th

Jacqui Reynolds won this season's Inaugural
 Red Sox Woman's Fantasy Camp MVP in Florida.
Photo Courtesty of her twitter, @FenwayBallhawk
Boston, Ma-  Go to a Red Sox game and stand in line with the Red Sox Nation members, and chances are you will run into Red Sox super fan, Jacqui Reynolds. Jacqui has a lot to do at Fenway before the game even starts. When she arrives by 3:30pm, she parks and then walks into line for batting practice. Her goal? To catch as many balls as she can via toss-ups or by catching a batted ball. She sometimes brings her Go-Pro to capture the moments, like when she played catch with former Phillie Jerome Williams. She then tries to catalog all of her grabs, often giving some of her stash to young kids in the center field stands. Currently, Jacqui is at 346 collected balls and counting. With the ones she keeps, she gets autographed by the player she received them from. Sound like a great baseball experience? For Reynolds, she doesn't even think of missing batting practice, as it's all part of the experience that makes ball hawking fun.

Zack Hample is the father of ballhawking, and he has collected nearly 8000 baseballs from 51 different ballparks that he has gone to. He is mostly known for gathering A-rod's 3000th hit, then giving it back to him for a donation to his Pitch-In-For-Baseball charity. Reynolds met Hample at a Redsox vs Nationals game when Bryce Harper was a rookie, and it was there that she found her love to collecting baseballs. She remembers that he told her some secrets and years later, she continues to get to 10 to15 games a year at Fenway, as well as other stadiums around the nation. Last year, she attended a Red Sox vs Mariners game in Seattle. After getting off the plane, she realized that she forgot her glove. In a last second move, Reynolds bought a Mariners glove to make sure she was prepared for the batting practice and the game. It paid off. She views her most prized possession as a Hanley Ramirez foul ball that she picked up with her glove from the field during that game.

Jacqui Reynolds is also into traveling to see other ball parks. She views Camden Yards in Baltimore as her favorite spot outside of Fenway Park, and adds "I love that game. It doesn't even have to be the Red Sox. I just loving watching any baseball game."

What sets Jacqui apart from most fans though, is her championship ring she will be receiving this May. Reynolds participated in the Inaugural Women's Fantasy Camp in Florida this January, and along with 48 different women aged 20-65, she learned the tricks of the trade from former Red Sox players like Trot Nixon and Rico Petrocelli. Her week went well, and she earned the MVP of the camp for batting .778 in the games she played in. She even recorded the game winning hit in the championship for her team. As a reward, the Red Sox will honor her and her team on May 26th in front of 37,000 fans at Fenway Park, and they will allow her to play at a Fenway Fantasy Camp Reunion game the following day, where she hopes to pitch from the same mound that Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez have thrown from.

Jacqui Reynolds is a true super fan. The love of the game is felt when you hear her speak about all the great memories she has at Fenway. Not only will she be adding to her memories when she walks onto the grass to receive her championship ring, but she plans on defending that championship next year for the second season of Women's Fantasy Camp. But next time, she will bring her family to cheer her on.

If you see her at Fenway this summer, say hello! You can follow her at @FenwayBallHawk  and @ReynoldsWrap015

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