Clay Buchholz vs. Chris Sale, What Could Go Wrong?

Boston Globe Photo

Ryan MacLeod (RyanMacLeod15)
Contributing Writer

What could go wrong when one of the best pitchers in the American League goes up against one of the worst pitcher in the American League? Well it appears that we will find out tonight at Fenway Park when Clay Buchholz returns to the Red Sox rotation to take on Chris Sale and the Chicago White Sox.

Buchholz has been abysmal all season long, he was so bad that he lost his spot in the rotation, and hasn't pitched well enough to earn it back. The only reason that he is returning to the rotation is because everyone else that the Red Sox tried to put into the spot that Buchholz vacated was worse than he was. Chris Sale on the other hand has been fantastic this season. He was the first pitcher to 11 wins, and currently has a record of 11-2. Buchholz has an ERA of 5.86 and Sale has an ERA of 2.94. Sale is the center of trade rumors currently, and one potential suitor could be the Red Sox so he will want to put on an incredible performance tonight.

To top it all off was the ineptitude of the the Red Sox offense in the 9th and 10th innings last night. The bats went cold with the bases loaded and nobody out. Now they will go up against the best pitcher they have seen all season, someone who is coming off of a 7 inning, 3 allowed runs outing against the Detroit Tigers.

So what will happen tonight? Will Buchholz perform like he has this season, or will he look like the pitcher who was incredible in 2013. Will Sale dominate, or will he buckle under the pressure of performing in Boston under the eyes of a potential new fanbase? Leave your comments below or tweet them at me by clicking here.