Ryan Braun to Boston?

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This past weekend, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reported that Ryan Braun is being talked about in MLB circles. "He's the hot name out there" according to an NL scout. The scout also believed that the Astros, Cardinals, Red Sox, Phillies, Mets, Giants, and White Sox were all good fits. Ryan Braun is having a great start to the 2016 season. Entering play Thursday, he has 9 home runs, 32 RBIs, and is hitting .352 which ranks 2nd in all of baseball.

Ryan Braun to the Red Sox? Hahahaha not going to happen! First off, the Sox have waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy bigger problems than left field. There is this part to the game called "pitching" which they are not great at. That area could be improved upon. In all seriousness, left field has not been a great spot for the Sox this year. Brock Holt, Blake Swihart, and Chirs Young have been subpar offensively, but there is enough talent to turn it around. Additionally, when the lineup is this deep, the platoon in left field performing slightly below average is not a big deal. If the Sox could do it with Daniel Nava and Jonny Gomes in 2013, these three musketeers can do it as well. If a trade is going to be made, a starting pitching or reliever will be brought in, not a potential All-Star left fielder.

Secondly, Ryan Braun is in year 1 of a five-year extension worth 105 million. The last thing the Sox can afford to do is bring on another big contract (see Allen Craig, Rusney Castillo, Pablo Sandoval if you have any questions why).

Lastly, the Sox have a phenom outfield prospect in Andrew Benintendi. This kid is highly touted and ranks 2nd in the Sox farm system. If this kid is the real deal, there is no need to bring in Ryan Braun and block him. Also, Benintendi would be making pennies compared to Braun and his big contract.

Sure, bringing in an All-Star left fielder would be nice, but it's a luxury the Sox can't afford. Braun might be a good fit, but it does not mean that they are actually looking into trading for him. I like the idea of getting an everyday left fielder; however, it is just not something the Sox need to worry about right now.

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